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Preparing Your Home or Business For Hurricane Season

Hurricanes are unpredictable, dangerous, and can have devastating effects on your home or business. Right in the midst of hurricane season is not the time to be thinking about preparing your property for a disaster. Most people think only about protecting their homes; however, businesses need to be protected as well. Being prepared ahead of […]

Garage Doors to Consider During Your Home Remodel

Everyone loves the look of a wood garage door. The beautiful grain gives your home a classic, refined look that makes it stand out in the best way possible. However, there are some downsides. Real wood doors are incredibly heavy which puts a strain on your tracks and opener. That’s why the Overhead Door Company […]

4 Garage Organization Tips To Clear Major Space

If you’re someone who has been practicing social distancing by working from home and avoiding crowded public spaces during the weekend, it might have become a form of entertainment for you and your family. For some, that means tackling one of the biggest organizational headaches many homes have – the garage. Below, the Overhead Door […]

When’s the Right Time for Replacing a Garage Door?

Many homeowners take advantage of the reliability of their garage door, expecting the door and opener to operate optimally for a lifetime. Homeowners know how long the roof should last, but sometimes it’s hard to know when replacing a garage door is a good idea. With proper maintenance and care, you can avoid garage door […]

Best Garage Doors to Keep Your Home and Business Safe

At the Overhead Door Company of Omaha, we’re focused on bringing our customers the highest-quality garage doors. While this blog usually focuses on residential projects, the Overhead Garage Door Company of Brunswick also has the best overhead garage door selection to fit businesses and homes of every shape and size, and, today, we would like […]

How to get The Genuine, The Original Overhead Door

When searching for garage doors and service online, be wary of the imitators out to fool you into believing you are getting the genuine Overhead Door Company experience. With over a century of offering the absolute best customer experience on the market, you can understand why these scammers might want to try to get some […]

A Buyer’s Guide for New Garage Doors

When searching for a garage door, you should take the time to read and research in order to find the perfect model for your home and your budget. To help out, the Overhead Door Company of Brunswick has compiled a garage door buyers guide with a list of helpful questions you should be asking yourself […]


Home improvement projects can serve a number of purposes. For some, it’s about moving their home closer to the ideal image they have in their head. For others, energy efficiency is the driving factor. If it’s time to sell, homeowners will often look to make upgrades to draw more eyes and dollars. Lucky for you, […]

Choosing the Best Garage Door for Your Home

When you think about your next garage door, think of the Overhead Door Company and their industry-leading garage doors and openers. Our founder, C.G. Johnson, invented the electric garage door opener over 100 years ago and we haven’t stopped innovating since. Today, we’re taking the garage door into the digital age with a whole host […]

Garage Fire Prevention: Only You Can Prevent Garage Fires

  When you first think of house fires, where does your mind go? Probably not the garage, right? It should though. Besides the kitchen, the garage is the area in your home most susceptible to fires. According to the U.S Fire Administration, there are roughly 6,600 garage fires per year resulting in upwards of $450 […]