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Hurricanes are unpredictable, dangerous, and can have devastating effects on your home or business. Right in the midst of hurricane season is not the time to be thinking about preparing your property for a disaster. Most people think only about protecting their homes; however, businesses need to be protected as well. Being prepared ahead of […]

      So you’ve decided it’s time to sell your home. That means it’s time to make a few renovations & home improvement projects in order to increase its curb appeal. Below, the Overhead Door Company of Brunswick has your guide to flipping homes and maximizing value with the smallest possible investment.   PEOPLE […]

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Everyone loves the look of a wood garage door. The beautiful grain gives your home a classic, refined look that makes it stand out in the best way possible. However, there are some downsides. Real wood doors are incredibly heavy which puts a strain on your tracks and opener. That’s why the Overhead Door Company […]

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If you’re someone who has been practicing social distancing by working from home and avoiding crowded public spaces during the weekend, it might have become a form of entertainment for you and your family. For some, that means tackling one of the biggest organizational headaches many homes have – the garage. Below, the Overhead Door […]